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Travel Marketing Performance – How to boost sales with PPC

By March 7, 2023No Comments
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How to boost your Travel Marketing Performance? How to increase sales with PPC? Today we would to talk about this marketing opportunity and bring you a successful case study, Thanks to PPC (pay per click ads) we almost quadrupled sales of experience vouchers, working on a targeted, vertical strategy on gift ideas. To every need its target audience: the target advertising for the purchase of gift vouchers was managed to offer vertical and engaging proposals, where each product was set up in line with the target audience. 

Before moving on to the actual strategy, let’s find out what PPC is and what are the main recommendations to increase sales.  

What is PPC marketing (pay per click) for your Travel Marketing Performance

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a paid digital advertising model. 

If in the past people used the Yellow Pages to inquire about a new place to make their purchases, in the digital age, search engines such as Google have become the new source of search. Now, whenever we want to find something new, we look for it on the Internet, whether it’s a product, a service, a new place, an answer to a question-anything.

We all know it by now: search engines are indispensable marketing channels. The hard part is getting visibility on these pages, considering that most users don’t go beyond the first three results. Traditional SEO of organic traffic works, but it takes time to achieve high SEO ranking. And in fact, SEO is not the only way to get to the top of Google. There are also paid ads. 

PPC works by bidding on profitable keywords relevant to your business. When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged a small amount. Hence, the name “pay per click.” Basically, you pay for traffic to your website, but if customers increase and so do sales, this channel will soon turn into a major return on your investment (ROI).

What are some strategies for increasing sales with PPC – Case Study

Working on a target audience in travel marketing means identifying a specific group of people to whom you want to address an advertising or promotional message. In other words, it involves identifying the target audience you want to reach with your marketing campaign.

Acting on verticals, on the other hand, means focusing on specific aspects or segments of the market. For example, in the case of advertising for wine gift vouchers, with we segmented our target audience to those who are passionate about wine and food, those who are looking for a gift for him/her/they but not necessarily wine-related, those who are looking for an experience with friends, and so on.  This strategy allowed us to create engaging and attractive proposals for each target audience, reaching the right audience with the right message, thus increasing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Focus on your USPs

The first rule for successful PPC travel marketing is to focus on your value proposition.

PPC ads require headlines and descriptions of only a few words, so you’ll need to choose them well, focusing on the best details. This is your value proposition. In other words, it’s what you bring to the market that competing companies don’t or can’t offer as well.

With we worked on gift ideas related to experiences and not just the economic value of the voucher, a format that the gift certificate giants were not offering. Giving memories by purchasing a very specific experience, which can be modified or extended, is the common thread in’s gift certificate-related marketing strategy.

ppc cantine wine

Identify a target audience and provide a solution 

In addition to your value proposition, you must also think about the audience’s pain points. These are the problems or issues your customers face that your products/services aim to solve. Addressing them in your ads gives relevance and value to your messages. Your audience is more likely to engage when you promise a solution to their problems.

For example, with, experiences range from winery tastings for wine enthusiasts, from those who want to spend a day outdoors with a picnic, to those who want to get active and learn about local food and wine or spend romantic hours on a wedding anniversary. Everything revolves around the world of wine throughout Italy, but through a versatile product. We aimed at those who know wine but also at the undecided, that is, those who want to give a gift but do not yet know what to give. 

Bring out your values and trust 

Trust is an important factor in sales. It is difficult to sell to people who do not know or trust you. That is why it is important to share details about your company. Given the brevity of your ads, it may be difficult to include your whole story, which you can do directly on your site. However, you can share brief details that build this essential trust.

In sentences such as “good extendable,” “no surprises,” “we’ll follow up with you as you choose your experience,” and many others, help highlight some favorable and trustworthy qualities of your value proposition.

Create vertical landing pages in line with target audience and search marketing triggers 

Increasing sales through PPC means getting clicks and improving conversions. Every click is a new visitor or lead coming to your website. And every new visitor to your site is a conversion opportunity. To attract your consumer you must have vertical and engaging propositions. 

That’s exactly why with Wine Cellars we created sections of different gift vouchers that would appeal to: couples, friends, wine enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, special occasions, clearly visible in the landing page selection and filterable through the selection. 

Suggest joining loyalty programs

Everyone likes a good deal, or thinking they have saved something for the future. The best and most engaging messages are those that promise immediate value. Anything that offers customers a perceived added value will earn you more clicks and new customers and sales.

On portal, every voucher purchase directs you to the private page where you can check your wine coins, or cumulative loyalty points with which to get discounts in the future. 

Encourage reviews to support the product

After you complete the sale, you need to encourage reviews. This way, you establish a virtuous circle in which other customers rely on others to make their purchasing decisions. 

By including many different reviews and references on your landing pages, you will make it easier for customers to conduct all their research and considerations in one place.’s success with PPC Travel Marketing

Here are some metrics that testify to what we are talking about: 

ppc cantine wine

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